It’s been almost a year since The Last Jedi, and I can’t believe I haven’t found much anything out there about this. I caught it on my first viewing out here in Korea. I laughed when I saw it. And everyone looked at me.

I’ll make this short.


One thing that we see Sith do that Jedi don’t do is Force Lightning. This is lightning emanating from the person to strike an opponent.

We only see Sith doing this.

The closest we get to non-Sith doing this is in Star Wars: Rebels, with the Bendu. The Bendu are beings so ancient they were in George Lucas’ first drafts.

No seriously.

They existed before the Jedi and Sith divided into their factions. They believe The Force is too powerful and crucial to be divided into light and dark. They are the original gray wielders of The Force.

Ashla and Bogan were before the Sith and Jedi. The Bendu fit in the middle. What they wish for most is peace and quiet. The gray middle ground.

They reveal without fanfare that they may be the most powerful of Force users.

“You believe that, but you should learn to see things differently now […] I can teach you to see. If you’re willing.”

The Bendu come across as benevolent wise mischievous teachers, such as Yoda did in The Empire Strikes Back.

There is one time when they show anger. How do they express this anger?

They strike lightning from the elements. Not from their fingertips. They control the weather itself.

There’s only one other time we see a Force user create lightning from the elements.

Not only does Yoda use lightning from the sky, it looks almost just like the lightning the Bendu used to attack Thrawn.

So what do you think?

Does this mean that Yoda has become gray like the Bendu?

I’d like to think that Yoda is the epitome of wisdom. The wisest of beings don’t know everything.

There is a line from Lao Tzu, the “Yoda” of Taoism, whom Yoda was sort of based on,

He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.

The Yoda in the prequels is different from the Yoda in Empire, who is different from the Yoda in The Last Jedi. He is always growing. He is always evolving. He is not shackled by dogma.

His last lesson to Luke in The Last Jedi was to not let the dogma of the Jedi to hold him back. It was never the end all of Force wisdom.

Yoda went ahead and used his Bendu-like powers to create lightning out of the sky to destroy the sacred Jedi tree. Those times were over. We learned from that, but…

“Much to learn, you still have.”

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